Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics

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Artistic Solutions Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics sees potential clients or patients by appointment only. For educational purposes, Lanette highly recommends any potential client inquiring about permanent cosmetics to schedule a consultation appointment. It behooves any potential client to research thoroughly and meet with the potential technician prior to having any permanent procedure performed.

The consultation visit is approximately one hour, where Lanette evaluates and discusses the person’s requests and determines realistically what can be achieved for that particular client. The client is informed of everything they need to know concerning the procedure, and time is taken with the client to show them realistically what they can expect to achieve, what can be improved upon and what the results will look like.

During the time of consultation, all medical issues and aftercare are discussed which could effect the application and or healing of a procedure. Any other considerations deemed appropriate for that particular client will be addressed. The fee for consultation is $100 which is applicable toward a procedure if performed within 2 months from the date of consultation. At the end of the consultation visit, Lanette will determine if the candidate has realistic and reasonable expectations as to what she can perform and whether the potential client is eligible for a procedure in her practice.

At the time of the consultation, if the client opts to schedule a procedure, a 50% deposit is required to schedule the space and time. That 50% deposit is totally refundable minus the consultation fee, only if notified with 72 hours or more cancellation time. (Lanette is a one person operation and because of her reputation and referrals, very busy). It is very difficult to reschedule a 2-3 hour appointment slot on short notice. In addition, clients are expected and required to be on time for their appointments. Lanette appreciates and values her client’s time and expects the same consideration in return. Lanette does not keep clients waiting and is on a very tight schedule with procedures scheduled back to back. Client’s consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated. If a client forgets or misses a scheduled touch up appointment, there will be a $100 fee assessed for that time that was blocked and unfilled.

The fees at Artistic Solutions are payable by check or cash only. Credit cards are not accepted. Further information and referrals are available by request.