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In January 2002, I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer.  After numerous medical clearances, I had a bilateral mastectomy.  I figured that my life was more important than my breasts, and I didn't really need them.  I needed to know that the cancer was totally out of my system.  At least that was my choice, and I was right.  I had reconstruction surgery and had tissue expanders put in, at the time of surgery.  There were numerous delays and finally the time came for my “tattoos”. 
Unfortunately I didn’t meet Lanette until December 2003, after two previous other people were unsuccessful, in their endeavor to recreate my areolas and nipples.   Lanette had a very tough job of correcting what was done to me; I won't go into details, because I don't want to offend the other people involved.
Not only was the right side areola considerably smaller than the left, but each had an ugly burgundy line around the edge. After several treatments to camouflage the inappropriate lines, she feathered out the color in a wonderful attempt to get them the same size.  It took three or four treatments with Lanette.  They are not perfect, but very, very acceptable considering what she had to correct. Had I gone to Lanette to start with, I would have had one session and a possible touch up.  By not seeing her first, I had five or six sessions with three different people.  Lanette's work is absolutely magnificent. 
The first time I met Lanette, she showed me photographs of her work including other breast reconstructions.   The other two people never showed me any photos.  As far as I am concerned, Lanette is the only person in South Florida to go to for any type of cosmetic or paramedical tattooing.  I have seen Lanette's work and I have seen a lot of other work such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.  Her work is astonishing in all areas.  She is very personable and gives herself totally to her patients.  When she is working on you, it is strictly the two of you. 
I am forever thankful to her for making me feel like a whole woman again. I truly love you, Lanette.
Forever grateful.
Nancy Shay
Miramar, Florida

Dear Lanette,
To say that I am pleased with my eyebrows would be an understatement.  I was without brows 14 years following chemotherapy and dreaded the daily ritual of applying them with a pencil.  That is why I decided on cosmetic tattooing.  I will forever be grateful to the person that referred me to you.  You are truly an artist!  I am amazed at how natural my brows look.  It actually looks like I have brow hairs.  I like the arch too because it makes my eyes look brighter.  Thanks again for making me feel so much better about myself and for giving me more time to enjoy my life.

Sincerely, Karen Dillaman
Key Largo, Florida

Lanette, three words to express the outcome- beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! You did such nice work and I feel so good about it. Color and shape are nice and consistent. Recovery was not so bad either. My regards to you. Take care. Lanette, Thank you for all you have done for me. I am well and busy.

L. Blue
Flagler Beach, Florida

I absolutely love my “new look”. I feel very comfortable with Lanette’s expertise and professionalism. I’ve been going to Artistic Solutions for three years and wouldn’t trust anyone else to touch my eyes and brows.

Barbara Moore, CSM
Miami Florida

I have referred many patients to Lanette and have had the pleasure of seeing her work.  Her attention to detail and her artistic sense clearly make her excel in the art of micro-pigmentation.

Oscar Hevia MD.
Coral Gables, Florida

I absolutely love Lanette.  She made me look 10 years younger!  And that was just by working on my eyebrows!!!   Believe me, there is no one as talented as Lanette and as perfectionistic as she is.  Do yourself a favor – run, don’t walk, to Lanette for your permanent solutions!

Olga P. Ricardo
Miami, Florida

To say beauty is skin deep...well, I guess this is true when it comes to permanent makeup…..but not all permanent makeup gives you a beautiful outcome. It is very important to fine someone skilled, licensed, professional, and for goodness sakes, someone who knows how to apply her own makeup (whether it be permanent or not). After many trials and errors, I am proud to say that I have found that such person: Lanette Marie Scherr with Artistic Solutions, Miami, Florida.

When I found Lanette, I was in pretty bad shape. My eyebrows, being done twice by other people, looked like grey picket fences. My eyeliner, done in two colors; well, I looked like a night owl---- who should not be up in the daytime!

In addition, my colors were fading, and my eyebrows needed shape and definition. I will testify, that I was reluctant, but over a period of treatments, Lanette has gotten my brows to look very natural in shape and lasting color. She made corrections and adjustments that are not noticeable, but really make a difference. My eyes look fantastic, very natural and I do not look overdone.

I am very proud of my permanent makeup now, and get touch ups as necessary. I highly recommend Lanette and Artistic Solutions, whether using permanent makeup for vanity, or to replace what you have lost from sickness, age, etc, Lanette is very professional and discreet….I am very glad that I found Artistic Solutions… was the solution to my problems.
Toni Louise Diaz,
Miami Florida

Lanette, is the ultimate professional, and her work is of the very highest quality.  I know that when I refer a patient of mine to her, that they are going to not only receive the best results, but will be treated professionally.

Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD, FACS Miami and NYC

I have had my permanent makeup done by Lanette Scherr approximately two years ago.  To my surprise, there was relatively little discomfort involved in the application as well as afterwards.  I have been extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend it to those who desire makeup to be perfect at all times.

R. Schwartz,
Miami, Florida

I have known Lanette Scherr, for many years and have had the opportunity
to closely observe her work and her results.  While maintaining the highest standards of professional quality, she brings an artistic touch to each individual person's needs.  I have highly recommended Lanette's services to numerous patients, professional colleagues, and friends of mine.  She is the best!

Myron  Tanenbaum, MD
South Miami, Florida

Four years ago I decided to tattoo my eyebrows.  The experience and the result were disastrous.  Fortunately, I was referred to Lanette Scherr.  Not only was she able to correct the shape and color of my eyebrows, but she created the most beautiful eyebrows appropriate for the size and shape of my face. 
Since then, I will only let Lanette touch my face with tattoos.  Not only do I have the eyebrows I have always wanted, but I also have natural eyeliner to match.  Lanette is truly a professional and an artist as well.
Kathy Chrycy
Coconut Grove, Florida

If you want to look younger and make your life easier you have come to the right person.  I had some permanent makeup done about seven years ago.  Unfortunately, I went to someone who was not that knowledgeable and the results were not flattering.  I recently asked my facialist if she knew someone that was good, and she resoundingly recommended Lanette.  Luckily for me, I asked the right person for such an important recommendation.

Lanette just finished correcting and redoing my eyeliner and brows.  They are incredible.  So many friends and neighbors have told me how well I look, and I don't think they can figure out what I have done!  I have an appointment to have my lips done and can barely wait until the day arrives. 

Lanette is a true professional.  She is an absolute perfectionist - in all areas of makeup.   She spends a lot of time selecting exactly the correct colors and shape for your skin tones and bone structure.    My life is now less complicated.  If I am in a rush the necessary makeup is minimal-a little powder, blush, and mascara and out the door you go.  My only regret is that I didn't find Lanette years ago.
Chris Quencer
Coral Gables, Florida
April, 2007

I've never had an areola before and was always self-conscious because I felt my breasts didn't look like everyone else’s.  So, after much research through cancer patients, I found Lanette.  We decided how big I wanted the areola and a few hours later it was done.  It's a bit uncomfortable in the beginning because it is a tattoo, but I have to tell you that no one knows that it's a tattoo.  Its natural and they look great.  I highly recommend her. 

T. C.
Miami, Florida

When you go to Artistic Solutions Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, you are in a very special place, because of the skill and expertise of the owner and artist, Lanette Scherr. I have had work done on my eyebrows, and have always been thrilled with the beautiful results. Lanette is a perfectionist, and has a terrific eye for color and form. The results reflect her talent. I would recommend her to family and friends.

Nancy Rosman, R.N.
Miami, Florida

Lanette, I think my eyeliner looks GREAT! I love it. You do such excellent work ... a true artist! Your office is so clean and pleasant ... the whole experience was professional and easy. Thank you so much again. I will be back for a touch up in a year or two.

Jean Worley
Amelia Island, Florida
April, 2007

I have had my “new brows” for 10 days and they are gorgeous. I especially love the brush strokes that look like actual brow hair! I am so excited that I am scheduled for Eye liner and then after that, I will be doing my full lip color on my lips as well. Lanette is an amazing, beautiful individual with so much talent and a love for her art and her customers!! Thanks, Lanette!

Pamela Tucker
Miami, Florida April 2007

Hi Lanette ! I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the procedures. At first, I was a bit apprehensive as to having all three of them (brows, eyeliner and lips) done on the same day, but the procedures turned out to be fantastic. The healing process was not as bad as I thought. I now feel I do not have to add any makeup if I don’t want to and still look great. You did a fantastic job with my eyebrows. I always loved the shape of my left eyebrow and you were able to match the right one (which was a bit droopy) to perfection. The top and bottom eyeliner are just awesome! My eyes look very natural but much younger looking. I can’t say enough about my lip procedure. I am fascinated with the results. I now have a more defined bottom lip (it had become washed out from cold sores). Besides, I haven’t had to wear lipstick since !!! Thanks again for your services and for just being a fantastic person.

Gema Bertran
Puerto Rico

I was very apprehensive about doing permanent make up In Miami since I have seen so many bad jobs performed on other women in beauty salons, some doctor’s offices, and even worse in people’s homes, which I have since discovered is illegal. However, I wanted to save time every morning with my make up, and I called one of my Doctors for a referral. He recommended Lanette Scherr, of Artistic Solutions. I started by redoing my eyeliner, and she did such a great job that I continued with full lip color and eyebrows. Lanette is truly professional, the make up was done very tastefully and in a very classy way. She studied my features and helped to complement them in a natural elegant way.  I am very happy with the results and would recommend Lanette’s services to anyone.

Leonor Brown
Miami, Florida

My experience with Lanette Marie Scherr of Artistic Solutions Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics has been very positive. She has done my eye liner, both upper and lower, and the results are very natural. Lanette, is a master at her work, and she knows how to interface color and skin tones so that the tattoo procedure looks perfect. Her office is comfortable and pleasant; she uses high quality colors, and is conscientious when she does the treatments. I highly recommend her.

Margarita Villoch
Key West, FL

I was left with some horrible facial scarring from previous facial plastic surgery; Lanette was able to do some camouflage on these scars, and now they are not noticeable at all

Coral Gables, Florida

Hi Lanette, You will be happy to know that the swelling on my eyeliner and eyebrows is diminishing and my “new look” is taking shape. I was asked when I returned to California, if I had had a face lift while in Miami! Once I now when I can get back to Miami I will schedule my touch up. Thank you so much.

Joan Tsang
Piedmont, California

"It was wonderful seeing you in last month and well worth the trip to Miami to have you touch up my eyebrows.  I really appreciate you working me into your busy schedule. They look great and I've had many compliments."

Cynthia Hymes
Denver, Colorado

I am pleased to recommend Lanette, as a professional permanent makeup specialist. Before finding Lanette, I had my brows tattooed by several technicians who had been recommended; one of which was in a plastic surgeons office in Kendall. I was very disappointed with my results. When I met with Lanette for my initial consultation, she took a lot of time to explain the challenges that my previous work presented and her solution to fixing the problem. I found her consultation very realistic and professional and am very pleased with the end product now. I was so happy with my brows that I had my lips lined to appear larger as an alternative to collagen injections. I am very pleased with the work Lanette has done and would highly recommend her to anyone considering permanent makeup.

Miami, Florida  

Hi Lanette,
I have been traveling with my business, and that brings me to my first point I would like to make in my "testimonial". What a pleasure it is to wake up and be ready to go! I do not need to pack half of what I carried before! Everyday I save precious time because I do not even have to think about make-up. If I feel like using a little cover-up and mascara, I do.  If I don't feel like it, I don't and I still feel "put together".
Thank you Lanette, for making my life sooooooooo much easier! I love my eyebrows, eyeliner and full lip color. Feel free to use my photos for your website!! 

Beverly J. McReynolds
Miami, Florida

I have been a client of Lanette Scherr, owner of Artistic Solutions for six years and I highly recommend her services and the permanent makeup process. It has made such a difference in my life to wake up every morning with the convenience of not having to worry about applying eyeliner and eyebrow pencil, and also to know that I look my best without makeup when participating in sports. As a busy attorney, an active scuba diver, runner, and snow skier, having permanent makeup is a must. I’m very pleased with my experience over the past several years, and would not trust my eyes to anyone else but Lanette! Her professionalism and expertise are exceptional.

Michelle D.
Coral Gables, Florida

Dear Lanette,
I am so very happy with my eyeliner!! I Love it!!! Compared to my “previous” experience: aka “eyeliner” done in Arizona!! You are the best!! My sister is coming to Florida in October with me when I have surgery done, so hopefully you will be in town and she can schedule an appointment. I will call you.

Pamela Marie Baird
Harbor Springs, Michigan

I just returned to Artistic Solutions for my fourth touchup for the eyeliner procedure with Lanette.  I have returned to her over and over, since 2000 because her work is flawless.  After being prescribed trifocal eyeglasses I found it impossible to apply eye makeup.  The permanent liner is natural looking and I would recommend Lanette Scherr of Artistic Solutions without hesitation. 

Betty W. R.N.
Miami Shores, Florida
April 2007

I learned about Lanette’s work from a colleague of mine. We were at a party together, and the woman was putting Vaseline on her lips, which I thought was lipstick. I asked how she could put her lipstick on so perfectly without a mirror. That’s when she told me that she had just had her lips done with permanent makeup by Lanette Scherr in Miami, Florida. I had wanted to get my eyebrows done with permanent makeup for sometime, since I had plucked them for so many years, and ruined any chance of them growing back. I called Lanette and made an appointment. With an artist’s ease and passion, she painstakingly drew my eyebrows on before she began with the permanent solution. After she finished, with the whole process, the results were amazing. Lanette is a perfectionist and an artist, and she takes her time to give you the best results possible. She is careful about selecting the right color to match a person skin tone. She is gentle and thorough, and explains everything about the procedure as well as all the pre and post care steps a person should follow. I have been back several times for touch ups, and plan to continue seeing Lanette for as long as she continues with her business. Grazie Lanette!

Debi Rutter
Lerici, Italy
Hollywood, Florida

 What I like about Artistic Solutions Permanent Make-up!!
* Saving money on eye make-up
*  Eyebrow 'pencil ' is still on at the end of the day.
* I look good when I wake up!
* It doesn't take me an hour to put on my eye liner anymore.
* Lanette is a perfectionist and really cares about her work.
* Lanette makes you comfortable during the procedure.
* Lanette give you plenty of positive reinforcement and lively conversation during the

Permanent eyeliner and eyebrows is one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

Nancy S.
Miami, Florida

The permanent make up is once again just fantastic!  As you well know, I have very little of my own eyebrows and now, after you have been able to re-work the mistakes that were made prior to you, with the beauty shops that offer permanent  make-up, I feel and look like a new person.  I trust your work so much that I even did permanent eyeliner.  Everyone compliments your work, and I never hesitate to refer you. If I were ever to leave Miami, I would have to schedule annual vacations to fly in, so that I could be sure to have access to you.  I would never let anyone else do my permanent make up!  You are such an artist! Thank you so very much.

Kino MacGregor
Miami, FL

HI LANETTE - This has been a fun experience.  I was amazed when I woke up Saturday morning as my eyes looked the same, if not just a little better,  NO ADDITIONAL SWELLING even somewhat reduced, no intensification of the purple halo and absolutely no swelling or color around the brows. I did my hourly ice packs; fell asleep late afternoon for approx 2 hours so just just the ice pack for 35 minutes when I awoke. 
I am giving serious consideration to doing my lips within the next couple of weeks.  Lanette, I am very happy with the results even now and am very grateful for your caring and professional manner.  From the very beginning of the procedures, I felt confident of your ability and had very little discomfort with you working on my eye lids.  I rather thought this would be a big problem for me, but it was not.
Your New Number One Fan.
Marina Elliott
Ocala, Florida
May 22,2007

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