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About Permanent Makeup

Whether it be called permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation, these terms all describe the process of placing some form of colorant, ink, dye or pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, commonly referred to as “tattooing”. Whereas, before, the technique of “tattooing” was mainly used for the application of different forms of body art, now, it's being heralded not only for its more subtle, natural and beautiful cosmetic applications, but also its applications in the paramedical arena. Even though traditional forms of “tattooing” have existed for centuries, the process used similarly to produce cosmetic or medical enhancement to the skin is relatively new. This process has greatly evolved to “State of the Art” in the last twenty to twenty five years. Quality cosmetic tattooing requires not only specialized training and experience but also a critical eye for beauty and aesthetics.

High quality, beautiful “State of the Art Permanent Cosmetic Procedures” require expertise on many levels with some of the most important being: an artistic eye, a steady hand, perfectionism and a thorough knowledge of color theory It is imperative that the technician has not only a discerning eye for beauty and aesthetics but also many hours of specialized training and hands on experience. Wonderful permanent makeup that does not “appear tattooed” is highly skilled and one should seek out the very best in the field before letting anyone alter their face permanently.

Almost anyone is a candidate for cosmetic micro-pigmentation. Living today’s hectic lifestyle many of us don’t have the time, skill, interest or ability to spend a lot of time applying or reapplying traditional topical cosmetics. Poor eyesight, allergies or physical disabilities can also play a role in the problem. To many of us that always like to look their absolute best, the application of permanent cosmetics can be a tremendous time saver as well as a way to boost one’s self esteem.

In my practice, I find each and every client a new and exciting challenge. I strive to achieve the most beautiful and natural affects with the process, and nothing is more rewarding to me, than to make someone feel better about themselves. Whether, it is to simply fill in a thinning brow line, enhance an irregular lip line or simply bring back the dance or sparkle around an eye with an eyelash or eyeliner enhancement, every client is a new and interesting experience. The joy and gratification that I derive from being able to play a significant part in improving a persons self esteem, by simply helping to lesson the look of a scar, burn or other disfigurement is invaluable. I feel so honored and blessed to be able to apply my God given artistic talents and educational and medical backgrounds to this very exciting and rewarding field.

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