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Areola Re-Pigmentation Procedures

Unfortunately, in today's western society, may women have succumbed
to breast cancer.  With advances in reconstructive medicine and cosmetic
tattooing, a woman's breast or breasts can look normal again despite
surviving cancer.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not pay
enough to have the work done by someone that approaches this delicate
re-coloring procedure, as an art versus a procedure and therefore many
women have inappropriate work performed.  I highly urge anyone that has
survived the breast cancer process to research areola re-pigmentations
prior to letting your doctor, his nurse or anyone else for that matter
re-pigment the area.  An inappropriate re-pigmentation can be very
difficult, costly and or impossible to correct.


Bilateral implant scars before, Bilateral camouflaged scars one procedure after


Close up same client camouflaged scars before and after


Bilateral reconstruction before, Bilateral 3D pigmented areolas one procedure after


Close up same patient before and after one procedure


Colorless and undesirable sized areolas before, Areolas appearance
reduced and defined in one procedure after


 Close up same patient before                  Pigmented reduced areola after 


Poorly pigmented bilateral uneven areolas before, Re-pigmented color
corrected areolas two procedures after. **** Note nipples have been
shaded and shape adjusted  to create illusion of better balance and placement


Close up same patient before, Color corrected areolas two procedures after


Bilateral reconstruction with uneven size and placement of nipples with 
failed pigmentation before, Corrected color, improved placement with nipples
shaded to look the same size after. *****Note:  Areolas were pigmented fairly
dark to distract from intense scarring and skin texture issues post reconstruction.


Close up same patient before and after ******Note how nipple was shaded
down to appear smaller and with more protrusion


Scarring and inverted nipple due to breast reduction surgery before,
re-pigmented and shaded areolas/ nipples after.
*Note that the right nipple no longer appears inverted.


Close up view - same client before and after


Male patient with loss of areolas and nipples due to surgical error before,
re-pigmented areolas and nipples after


Close up re-pigmented areola and nipple before,   
*Note the shading used to create a 3 D effect after


Previous re-pigmentation on a unilateral breast reconstruction resulting in
original areola skin misplaced under new nipple, before. Color correction
re-pigmentation including camouflage after


Close up same patient before,              
*Note how the camouflage diminishes misplaced areola skin after


Client with undesirable natural areola size before,
re-pigmented enlarged areola after.


Undesirable areola shape and scarring post implants and breast lift ,
camouflage and areola re-pigmentation after three procedures.


Undesirable areola size before,  immediately after re-pigmentation
enlargement, color will fade about 40% during healing.


Unilateral breast reconstruction with implants with failed re-pigmentation
before and after  two re-pigmentation procedures.


Bilateral breast reconstruction before,
bilateral re-pigmentation after healed.


Areola scarring post implants before, scar camouflage one procedure after.


Bilateral breast lift and reduction scarring before  re-pigmentation
procedure, immediately after pigmentation will fade about 30% after healing.


Bilateral tramflap reconstruction before,  bilateral re-pigmentation after.


Close up same patient before, immediately after, healed procedure after.


Unilateral reconstruction before, immediately after, healed procedure after.


Unilateral tramflap breast reconstruction before, re-pigmentation after.


Bilateral tramflap before, bilateral re-pigmentation procedure after.



All the breasts below were performed in the patient's doctor's office,
prior ro coming to me for correction.


Inappropriate re-pigmentation procedure before,
three corrective re-pigmentation procedures after.


Inappropriate re-pigmentation performed before,
three corrective procedures after.


Undesirable re-pigmentation before, two procedure re-pigmentation healed.

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